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Stavroz // Capital of the Sun

31 Jul

Sorry for the lack of posts – roadtrippin on the east coast of north ‘murica! Here’s a quick good vibin’ summer mix fix from Stavroz! Enjoy.

_Stavroz – Capital of the Sun

Track list:

Peggy Lee – Fever (Stavroz jazzes out remix)
Ornette – Crazy (Noze Remix)
Marek Hemmann feat. Fabian Reichelt – Pictures
Stavroz – Hold on
Luomo – Tessio (Stimming Dub)
Justin Martin – Don’t Go
Egokind – One Way or Another
Stereo Express & Stavroz – Popcorn Beats (Umami Remix), Mr. Pong – My Hands Are Closed (Dan Caster & Rene Bourgeois Remix)
Solo – Home is Where it Hurts feat. Syron
Jesse Rose & Oliver $ – Parked
Stimming – Trombone
Basti Grub – Mirando el Sol feat. Andres Zarzuela

See that little surprise we put in the beginning? You’ll get that soon too!

Michel Cleis // Mir A Nero

25 Jul

“Mir a Nero” begins with a steady, upbeat kick underlying a simple piano arpeggio – like if Philip Glass make dance music – but then some accents of vibrant hand percussion loosen up the vibe, soon progressing into rhythmic layers that cause the energy to swell. By the 4-minute mark, a subtle, buzzing synth permeates the background, contrasting the track’s overall organic feel, leading into the playful piano chords and colombian vocal hook. Simply put, this is Latin House with that anomalous Pampa Records swagger, drenched with flavor like Sangria-soaked mango.

Flip that baby over and you get “Amaranthus”, named after the famed flower that represents immortality. This piece stands as a color-negative of “Mir a Nero”, an unwavering stomp with just shadows of the piano sample heard earlier. Freeze-dried rather than sun-ripened, “Amaranthus” is a dubby, more technofied counterpart to the A-Side, crafted for deeper and darker moments on the dancefloor. (Pampa Records SC, 2012)

Vinyl release date: July 23, 2012 
Digital release date: August 3rd, 2012

Impuls Festival 2012

24 Jul

Dandy summary of Impuls Festival 2012!

Props to Nick Schwegler Photography.

Paleman // All Good EP

24 Jul

Fresh Paleman EP out now on Fulcrum Records! Beatport here.

Wasabi // So Right Baby

23 Jul

Released by: Erase Records 
Release/catalogue number: ER206 
Release date: Jul 23, 2012


Bombé // Spells

20 Jul

Available for FREE (320 & WAV) 

Written by T. Shaw 
Mixed & Mastered by Kinou @ HomeRun Studio 
(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Released by: Fullfridge Music 

SCNTST // Sky Thangz

19 Jul

One of SCNTST‘s first tracks – free download!

_SCNTST – Sky Thangz

Geronimo Bootleg

18 Jul

Tune in and grab this free Drop the Lime bootleg of Geronimo from The Shadows!

_Geronimo Bootleg

dirtybird Summer EP

17 Jul

And we’re off! Who has the lucky task of following up Justin Martin’s epic Ghettos & Gardens album? It’s a sampler called “dirtybird summer” celebrating the sounds and sunshine of this year’s amazing summer season.  

Track one of this diverse four parter is a melodic overture by the Munnibrotherz from South Africa who debuted on dirtybird last year with the hit record “Moon Chon Chayouh.” Track two is a dirtybird virgin, Nick Olivetti. Some of you have probably heard me drop his track “Hectic Guitar” at some point on the road this year, it was a big part of my live sets. This new one “Jump Up” is just as deadly and even more focused on the super heavy grooves Nick is so good at producing.  

Track three is a really fun db style party track by Genghis Clan. Its got the big build up and the fun vox samples but the drop is pure house music and pure summer groove. It really works, especially outdoors. Last but not least are my buddies from Bristol, Waifs & Strays who are also making a debut on dirtybird with “Lost In The Party.” This is kind of like a nu-disco style track if the producers were from Bristol and grew up on filthy basslines and roast dinners. Its also got elements of Detroit techno. Simple and effective I like to say.. (VonStroke, 2012)

Joy Orbison, Boddika & Pearson Sound ‎– Faint / Nil (Reece) / Moist

16 Jul

Boddika and Joy Orbison return with this next killa release. Preview below!

Released by: Sunklo 
Release/catalogue number: 003 
Release date: Jul 17, 2012

_Joy Orbison, Boddika & Pearson Sound – Faint

_Joy Orbison & Boddika – Nil

_Boddika & Joy Orbison – Moist

Midland & Pariah // Untitled Single

15 Jul

Midland & Pariah – a: Untitled 1 aa: Untitled 2 (SHEWORKS003)
12″ forthcoming on Works the Long Nights
Distributed by Rubadub
Mastered by Matt Colton @ Air Studios

_Midland & Pariah – Untitled 1

_Midland & Pariah – Untitled 2

LFO (Mak & Pasteman Leeds Bass House Mix)

15 Jul

A free slice of bass from Mak & Pasteman!

_LFO (Mak & Pasteman Leeds Bass House Mix)

Adler & Finn // Through My Fingers

14 Jul

Preview this amazing upcoming album from Adler & Finn out July 20th on supdub! Read the full description here.

Ramon Tapia // Vagabonds EP

14 Jul

Ramon Tapia is back with release two on his new Say What? imprint.The title track Vagabonds is a floating track which builds through trippy layers of sound snippets and straight forward percussions. Finding it’s peak moment in a close to spiritual explanation of the meaning of VIP.Run Time is a dark excursion into the depths of a powerful techno construct. A marching groove drives the track through a jungle like atmosphere. A sound that reminds you of the tripod siren alert horn from the movie W (Ramon Tapia SC, 2012)

Beatport here!

Bader & Braemer // Mama J.eah

14 Jul

Released by: dantze 
Release/catalogue number: dtz025 
Out now on beatport!

Remcord // Slipe EP

13 Jul

René Bourgeois and Remcord join Atmosphere Records with this upcoming release! Tune in to the promo mix below and keep your eyes peeled! Also featuring a Stereo Express remix. Catch René Bourgeois at Tunnel Club tomorrow for the summer closing party!

Remcord – Slipe
Remcord – Bandit (René Bourgeois bad Guy Remix)
Remcord – Mistral
Min & Mr. Pong – My Hands Are Closed (Dan Caster & Rene Bourgeois Remix)
Remcord – Vic
Remcord – Field Hollers
Stereo Express feat. Orlando – La Vie En Rose (Rene Bourgeois Remix)

UPDATE: tune in to the individual tracks here!

Ducks on Repeat feat. Pakalolo // Impuls Festival

13 Jul

Impuls Festival – 7./8. Juli 2012 @ Gunzwil
(Nick Schwegler Photography)

Sei A // You Can Bring EP

12 Jul

Some fresh Sei A out now on Will Saul’s Simple Records! Now available on beatport.

On this new EP, Sei A’s strong signature production values remain at the heart of the record, which melds deep and forward-thinking techno with rich textures and moody atmospherics. Swedish DJ, producer and Studio Barnhus boss, Axel Boman steps in to provide a superb remix, which brings the EP to a perfect close. (Simple Records, 2012)

_Sei A – You Can Bring

_Sei A – Going Down

Orphan 101 // Patcher EP

12 Jul

Sorry for the one week lack of posts! Just had our first festival which ate up all the time! Here’s some fresh techno bass to make up for it. Out later this month on Decarhythm!

Choose Your Remix EP

4 Jul

In order to lure the summer out of its hibernation, we had the ‘Choose Your Destiny EP’ go through the meat grinder. René Bourgeois’s take on ‘Nancy’s Room’ is following the style of his remixes Shakerplates, Atmosphere and Pimprinella, making it into a big ass open air hymn that would even make 007 want to drop by at the rave.

Jens Lewandowski previously celebrated his debut on the Berlin-based Supdub label, which is now followed by his remix debut on Powder & Louder. He cranked a beautiful, deep, and minimal version of ‘Der Hobbyastronaut’ out of the CPU.

‘Der Kosmoprolet’ went to Argentina as parts and returned as a sick NoDisc remix. The name of the man is Julio. He is a newcomer in the club music scene, but not when it comes to producing… we hardly ever heard such a fat bassline!

To make the deal complete, Wolfgang Lohr (who is known from his releases on Ton liebt Klang!) gently plowed through The Chosen Two’s Strebergarten and transformed it into a groovy Peaktime House track. (The Chosen Two SC, 2012)

Out on vinyl this July!