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Slap In The Bass – Egypt

30 Apr

No Brainer Records brings you Slap In The Bass killer tune ‘Egypt’ as the first part of a video trilogy. Watch this with the next two clips for the coming releases and you’ll get a short film called ‘Sleight Of Hand’. This first part on three is directed by young frenchman Jules Audry (Tyler & Jack). Stay tuned!

‘Egypt’ incl. ACT YO AGE, HOSTAGE, GRAHMZILLA remixes, the ‘Kom Ombo’ colaboration with BOTNEK and the fabulous ‘Pyramid’ get released on 6th of may on Beatport and two weeks later everywhere else. If your dancefloor is a desert, this can be your oasis.


Concept: Thomas Savary | Dro
Written by: Thomas Savary, Christoph Göttsch, Jules Audry
Directed & Edited by: Jules Audry | Tyler & Jack 
Motion Design: Thomas Savary | Dro

No Brainer: Christopher Doré
Haunter 1: Clément Bertonneau
Haunter 2: Léo Soufrice
Supporting roles: Samuel Berner et Antonin Jenny

Thanks to: Loca Images, Raphaël Audebert, the guys on the bench

Canon 7D – 17-50 f/ 2,8
FCP – Ae

(No Brainer Records Vimeo, 2011)

Check out the full release on soundcloud!

Sébastien Léger – Bees

25 Apr

Sébastien Léger releases and dirtybird releases are both things to look forward to. Now put them together and you have something bangin!

Sébastien Léger re-appears on dirtybird after his 2005 remix of Deep Throat way back on DB003. He sent me this track and told me no other label could possibly release it. Yes it’s a huge techno monster, not typical for dirtybird, but everyone needs the big tunes in the bag for those big moments. I promise if you play it you will see something really crazy go down. The bees are coming! (VonStroke)

_Sébastien Léger – Bees

Nina Simone – Strange Fruit (Inertia Remix)

22 Apr

Stumbled over this remix of Nina Simone yesterday and am really feeling this, best played with a bass system to get the full effect. Real deep vibes going there. Props to Inertia and thanks for the 320 present! Listen and download below.

_Nina Simone – Strange Fruit (Inertia Remix)

Super Flu – Euterpeh (Mini-Album)

21 Apr

I don’t expect anything but tune goodness from Monaberry. Another great release brought to you by Super Flu not to mention a bonus collab with Monkey Safari! Preview below and check out the full release on beatport!

_Super Flu – Euterpeh (Mini-Album)

Daniel Dexter – Montevideo EP

21 Apr

Daniel Dexter’s new EP „Montevideo“ is a fusion of real gutbucket House with a pinch of Tango and Blues. The 28 year old Berliner-by-choice creates a mixture of warm and acoustic Sounds with the deep and hypnotizing elements of the electronic music which reminds you of the early days. There is also a great remix from Anabatic’s cheeky monkey Chris James. His interpretation of the original song is a groovy dancefloor stomper which fits well to every turntable. (Daniel Dexter Soundcloud, 2011)

_Daniel Dexter – Montevideo EP preview

Check the “Daniel Dexter – Montevideo” Music Video:

Matanza – La Vega EP

20 Apr

Tune in to a new EP from Chile’s Matanza, out now on dubnoir! Including a remix from Act yo Age.

Jack Beats – Elevator Music

20 Apr

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts these last few days! Both ducks are on travel mode. Now have a listen to this sickness off of Jack Beats‘ new release. The A side, “All Night” is more vocal steez, remake of dnb John B’s classic track, but the B-side – my pick! – I would say is the best thing I’ve heard from Jack Beats in a long time where I would put this track up as far as the Jack Got Jacked remix! Turn your subs and speakers up and blast this tune below and you’ll see what I mean! Out now on Cheap Thrills.

_Jack Beats – Elevator Music

Katapult @ Strichpunkt

15 Apr

Big Wheel

15 Apr

The term Big Wheel was invented by the ducks in 2010, inspired from the Melt Festival and its big wheel stage. This being said, this particular stage does not always play this type of sound. In our world big wheelin tunes are basically pushy tech and techno tunes that drive you more and more with their clicks, hats, rhythms, snares and basslines etc. Because of the DJ we saw on this stage, our term quickly took its effect. Now for a few samples, tune in below!

_Maetrik – Push Me (Popof Remix)

_Alex Delia & Nihil Young – Mooger Fooger (Mladen Tomic Remix)

_MiniCoolBoyz – Feel my Drums (Mladen Tomic Remix)

If you dig this kind of stuff I would recommend your check out: Popof, Sébastien Léger, Format:B, Max Bett, Roy RosenfelD, and Mladen Tomic to name a few (note that they are not limited to this kind of style).

Noob – Crumble EP

14 Apr

Having heard much from Noob these days but here is something fresh from these frenchies. It seems that Form (Popof’s label) is putting out a lot of cool releases! Tune in below to this spastic electro groove tech chicken salad.

_Noob – Crumble EP Preview

Sheff – The Kitchen (Roy RosenfelD Remix)

14 Apr

Another great effort from Roy RosenfelD, this one on the Sheff Kitchen remix. Really feeling the catchy snare drums in this tune!

Released by: Echoes Records
Release date: Apr 25, 2011

_Sheff – The Kitchen (Roy RosenfelD Remix)

Super Flu – Euterpeh

13 Apr

Both the song and the video is SUPER – get it? A great release out on Monaberry hopefully soon!

2 Bit Thugs Re Rubs

13 Apr

Well if it ain’t a couple of bangin re rubs from good ol’ 2 Bit Thugs. I had actually hoped for an SW bootleg of Sunshine but the thugs beat them to it and this redlight rub scratches that bass fueled itch as well. Enjoy!

_Rye Rye Ft. MIA – Sunshine (2 Bit Thugs Re Rub)

_Redlight Ft Ms Dynamite – What You Talkin’ About? (2 Bit Thugs Re Rub)

Swing Trek

13 Apr

Listen to and download this crazy Zinc drum and bass vs swing mashup by Future Swing Stories‘ Jinjahbless!

Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Digital Aboriginal

12 Apr

Here we go with another Anabatic presentation featuring a tribal tech tune by Worthy and Yankee Zulu called Digital Aboriginal. They’ve announced a release in May with remixes from Joyce Muniz and Idiotproof.

_Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Digital Aboriginal

The Finger Prince – A Beau (Bowski Remix)

12 Apr

Here’s another fresh Bowski remix this time of The Finger Prince from Australia. This one’s a bit slow for Bowski but still has his signature mooch bassline. Sample below.

_The Finger Prince – A Beau (Bowski Remix)

Jules & Moss – Kwanita Ep

9 Apr

Released by: Shaker Plates
Release/catalogue number: SHPLDIGI004
Release date: Apr 11, 2011

DJ Sega – The Angry Birdz Theme

8 Apr

Grab this shizzle for a laugh and hit up DJ Sega here.

_DJ Sega – The Angry Birdz Theme

TrockenSaft – On the Road to the West

7 Apr

Haven’t been disappointed from these guys up to now. Here’s a clever remake of the original cowboy jingle released on KDB Records attached with a Warma dub mix. Free download here:

Then have a listen to their recent magnetic tape vol 2 below. Enjoy!

_TrockenSaft – Magnetic Tape Vol 2


TrockenSaft – Magnetic Tape vol 2

001. Tomika – La Lluvia Le Limpia (Luca Marano Remix)
002. Andy Kohlmann & Rene Bourgeois – Blonde Flute
003. Piemont – Plumbum (Dapayk Remix)
004. Filthy Rich – Fluble (Original Club Mix)
005. Heartik – Mini Swing (Kaiserdisco Maxiswing Remix)
006. Andhim – Extragold
007. Lutzenkirchen – Spec Ops Two (Original Mix)
008. Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin – Ferdinand (Gregor Tresher Remix)
009. Channel X – Salome (Audiojack Remix)
010. Booka Shade – Regenerate (Pan-Pot Remix)
011. Mays & Patrique – Karoo (TrockenSaft Remix)
012. Marco Bailey – Rubber Band
013. Steffi Feat. Virginia – Yours
014. Paul Kalkbrenner – Platscher (Original Mix)

Nôze ft. Riva Starr – Dring Dring (Riva Orkestra Remix)

7 Apr

In case you haven’t already checked out Nôze’s fairly new album Dring, do it here. Below is Riva’s Orkestra remix of Dring Dring! Banger.. just hope it doesn’t get overplayed!

_Nôze ft. Riva Starr – Dring Dring (Riva Orkestra Remix)