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Adler & Finn // Through My Fingers

14 Jul

Preview this amazing upcoming album from Adler & Finn out July 20th on supdub! Read the full description here.

Modeselektor feat. Miss Platnum // Berlin (Video)

24 Mar

Bangin’ video for a bangin’ tune!

taken from Modeselektor “Monkeytown Deluxe Tour Edition” (MTR023)

Idea, animation, cut, composition: François Chalet (http://www.francoischalet.ch)
Scenery: Meike Eckstein
c+p 2012 Monkeytown Records

Carlo Ruetz // Handmade EP

19 Mar

Tune in to this fresh Supdub release! Carlo Ruetz reppin’ the Berlin dooper tech label with this Handmade EP out now on beatport!


12 Mar

A short documentary essay about skateboarding. 
Through the streets of Berlin, 4 skaters share their vision.

Berlin, Germany

Adrian Meredith

Supertribe EP

30 Jan

Alec Tricker‘s Supertribe EP out now featuring Rene Bourgeois on remix duty!

_Alec Tricker – Supertribe

_Alec Tricker – Supertribe (Rene Bourgeois Remix)

Niconé & Braemer // Liar

13 Dec

Harry Axt // Basement Bar EP

14 Nov

Harry Axt – Basement Bar EP out this December on Subdub Records! My picks are Flanke and Breakdown. Enjoy

_Harry Axt – Streamer

Modeselektor // Monkeytown

14 Sep

Modeselektor‘s new album – Monkeytown – out Sep 30th on Monkeytown Records! Here’s a little text from the guys:

Monkeytown is our third album. It is the first album that almost drove us crazy. Well, when we really think about it, every album almost drove us crazy… 
It is the first Modeselektor album that we produced 100% together in the studio and in one session over the course of ten weeks. We thank all of the participating artists, our families and our friends.

Gernot & Szary (Modeselektor SC, 2011)

Paul Kalkbrenner – Essential Mix (BBC Radio1)

1 Aug

Berlin’s Paul Kalkbrenner on essential mix duty!

Paul Kalkbrenner — Des Stabes Reuse [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Dockyard [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Kleines Bubu [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Bengang [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Moob [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Gutes Nitzwerk [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Europa (Dub Remix) [Normal]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Castanets [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Sagte Der Bär [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Der Senat [Paul Kalkbrenner – Der Senat]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Böxig Leise [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Azure [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Kruppzeug [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Torching [Minimaxima]
Paul Kalkbrenner — The Grouch [Paul Kalkbrenner]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Press On (Joris Voorn Remix) [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Schnakeln [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Tatü Tata [Paul Kalkbrenner]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Schmökelung [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Jestrüpp [Paul Kalkbrenner Musik]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Torted [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Square 1 [BPitch Control]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Altes Kamuffel [BPitch Control]
Michel Cleis — La Mezcla (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
Paul Kalkbrenner — Pletcher
Paul Kalkbrenner — Gebrünn Gebrünn [BPitch Control]

Liverpool // Berlin

29 Jul

More sweetness from Monkey Safari! Out in August.. Tune in below

Paul Kalkbrenner – Icke Wieder

6 Jun

Here’s a preview of the new Paul Kalkbrenner album, Icke Wieder.

_Paul Kalkbrenner Album Teaser

Sascha Braemer – People

24 May

Artist: Sascha Braemer
Track: People
Label: Stil vor Talent (SVT059)

Video by: Kowski Media
Illustration by: Christian “Lake” Wahle
Track w&p by: Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster
Vocals by: Niconé

Barbatuques vs TrockenSaft – Baiana (Club Mix)

26 Feb

This track just came my way and it’s a real fat tune by TrockenSaft whom I’ve actually never heard of. Big up!

_Barbatuques vs TrockenSaft – Baiana (Club Mix)