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Heartik // Rain Is Done

27 Jun

heartik rain is done

Heartik brings us something techy and something tropicaly – out now on Mistakes Music. Beatport here!

Daboo // Cruppet

25 Mar

Daboo - Cruppet

Tune in to Daboo’s creepy puppet sound going from groovy tech house into some kind of deep creep bass techno and back….hope you enjoy.

Horatio & Bvaltik // It’s Clubbering Time EP

5 Mar

horatio wrong state rec

Horatio & Bvaltik on duty under Wrong State Recordings. Beatport here.

Pan-Pot // Kepler (Julian Jeweil Remix)

5 Mar

pan pot mobilee

Julian Jeweil‘s remix of Pan-Pot‘s Kepler out now on mobilee records. Beatport here.

Carlo Ruetz // Breakthrough Album

4 Mar

Carlo Ruetz - Breaking Through

Supdubs hot shot Carlo Ruetz is truly implying the title of his first solo album into his new creation. Being a true coast German (Rostock), young star Carlo wants to set another and by far biggest milestone in his yet early career. Following first successful productions, which were created in cooperation with Alfred Heinrichs and others, he now dares to enter the electronic music market on his own by introducing his very unique style that contains crystal clear and groovy sounds.

Carlo Ruetz appeals to various tastes as his music can be categorized in a wide range from minimal over techno to tech-house.

He explored his passion for minimal sounds already in the early terms of his career. Since, he worked his way up to become an imposing artist behind the turntables. His songs are not motivated by private incentives and neither influenced by his mood. In fact, Carlo Ruetz places more importance on the special groove of the song and hopes that the fans can establish a sense of sensibility for the feeling that is created through the unison of rhythm, tension and speed. His sound is completed with the use of subtle and almost reluctant vocals.

Being inspired by his label friends Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner or René Bourgeois, Carlo Ruetz created ten remarkable and versatile songs. There is no doubt that this first solo album of his own is a thrilling and yet already “breaking-through” piece of work.

(supdub, 2013) Beatport his album here.

Enzo Siffredi // Clown Stories EP

1 Mar

enzo clown stories

Enzo Siffredi‘s Clown Stories EP out now on Keno Trax! Beatport here.

Arts & Leni meets Rauschhaus // Saloon Trumpets EP

1 Mar

Arts and Leni Trumpet saloon

Some fresh Ton Liebt Klang, Arts & Leni meets Rauschhaus for this Saloon Trumpets EP. Beatport here.

Julian Jeweil // Mad EP

28 Feb

julian form mad ep

Fresh as release by Julian Jeweil on Popof’s label, Form Music including a remix by Popof himself. Tune in below and beatport here!

Tony To Van // Punch Line

28 Feb

tony to van punch line

Tony To Van’s Punch Line EP out now on Electrofraise Records! Beatport here.

Stefano Noferini // Duper EP

25 Feb

stefano duper

Stefano Noferini nods to the oldschool in this double outing, and “Furios” blasts out with a nostalgic bassline and intense beeping action over a crackling rhythm section. The title track goes for more heady territory with a hypnotizing vocal seeping in and out of the cracks, while the trademarked Noferini groove keeps the bubbling subs in check. (1605 SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Jay Lumen // Play Cool The Old School EP

24 Feb

jay lumen 100% pure

From the get go the track has got that old school garage vibe you just can’t say no to. With a heavy, submerged bassline, metallic drum rolls and massive sound effects, it’s got an epic groove that will make you want to play cool. Are you ready for an all-nighter, just like back in the days?

Sensual, mysterious and seductive aptly describe a femme fatale, and so does this track. The fast, dark beat and captivating vocals draw you into this beauty, creating a deep desire for infinite bliss. Watch out when you hear this tune on the dance floor, it might make you do something wild.

When this beat drops, it’s like a caffeine shot in the morning, giving you an energy injection to last for hours. So hit your accelerator and pump it up!

(100% Pure SC, 2013) Beatport here. Jay Lumen SC.

Johan Dresser // Precious EP

15 Feb

johan moustache precious

Johan Dresser‘s Precious EP out Feb 22nd on Moustache Label! Preview Johan’s precious moustache below.

Hanne & Lore // Magdaria Malena

11 Feb


Hanne & Lore are proudly presenting their very own Label: Heulsuse.

The first EP is a double A-side called “Magdaria / Malena” 
with Remixes from Niconé & Gunjah (Stil Vor Talent, Dantze, Moensterbox) and 
Zombie Disco Squad (Made To Play). 
So please stop crying now – it ́s finally coming !!!

This vinyl includes a free downloadcode 
were customers get the whole digital release for free! 

(Heulsuse SC, 2013)

Beatport here.

The Hot Five Remixes Part 2

6 Feb

hot five remixes part 2

Within the scope of our Hot Five compilation, that is now available on a double CD, we have decided to have a few of our UY-back stock-catalogue numbers remixed and to carve them into vinyl. The first part of remixes that have been released already were delivered by Steve Bug and Sebo K. This time Barem has tuned in Channel X and rides with “Rodeo” on A1 up and away. Following is Layo & Bushwacka! who convert the groove of Gunnar Stiller’s “Open You” on A2 to a fast lane. The tempo turns to be a bit more temperate on the B-side! Here, Andre Lodemann’s version of “Sense” teaches the original from Douglas Greed feat. Delhia de France a delight that one would more or less localize on the house-parquet. Where B1 stops, B2 to continues. Patrick Chardronnet dubs himself brilliantly through “Give A Little Slap To Your Soul”- making the dread-locks of author Ruede Hagelstein sprout in buzz. (Upon You Records SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto // Here We Come

2 Feb

here we come

Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto sample the Fugees and tech bass up this release on Definition Music Label including a dub version for those not so keen on the vocals. Beatport here.

Tinush // Boing Flip

27 Jan

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.46.48 AM

Another freebie from Tinush: Boing Flip.

Pele & Shawnecy // Free Your Style EP

25 Jan

pele shawncy

Pele & Shawnecy‘s Free Your Style EP out now on Terminal M. Beatport here!

Mladen Tomic // Techno Tools Vol. 1

23 Jan

Mladen Tomic Techno Tools vol 1

Mladen Tomic is one os the biggest artists of the new generation of techno djs & producers from the East Europe. Born and raised in Bosnia, he’s a favorite of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and Adam Beyer. Owner of Night Light and usual suspect of Terminal M or Octopus, he lands in Suara with the first volume of a new brand serie of records called “Techno Tools” where some of the hottest artists of the moment will deliver us massive techno works. His 5 tracks are pure techno bombs, powerful stuff for mindblowing the dancefloor. (Mladen Tomic SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Alec Troniq // Fluffernutter EP

20 Jan

alec troniq fluffer

Fluffernutter, Jelly Cream, Bubble Gum or Bubble Tea, Cherry Chapsticks, Candy Drops, Marshmallows or Fluffy Pops, Gummy Bears or Jelly Beans, McFlurry or Cookie Cream, Smoothie Blend, Vanilla Fudge, Berry Splash or Popcorn Butter Boom Boom Boom… With “Fluffernutter” our pastry chef created a scuzzy mix of sweeties“And Everyone Can Sing” is a slow and muddy pounding house smacker.”Xanthippe” is a cheering singsong tune for a little less conversation but a little more action on the parquets. (Alec Troniq SC, 2013)

Out on Ipoly Music Feb 8, 2013

_Alec Troniq – Fluffernutter

_Alec Troniq – And Everyone Can Sing

_Alec Troniq – Xanthippe

Jens Lewandowski // Notion EP

19 Jan

Jens Lewandowski

Jens Lewandowski‘s Notion ep including Alfred Heinrichs remix out on supdub Feb 4!