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Denis Horvat // The Crook

9 Mar

Denis Horvat 'The Crook'

Maybe because the winter nights in Denmark offer a little bit more time than in Berlin, the next Upon You digital release (Nr. 009) comes from our young producer Denis Horvat from Copenhagen. The rascal has already sweetened our back stock catalogue once, when he drew the attention of the public with his Sweet & Sour 005. Whether through the dark arrangements in the title track “The Crook”; or the smart vocals in “El Che” feat. Quiroz; or the intense bouncing with “Rise And Shine”; The Crook EP shows that he has only developed further in the mean time.

(Upon You Records, 2013) Beatport here.

Released by: Upon You Records 
Release/catalogue number: UYD009
Release date: Mar 11, 2013

The Hot Five Remixes Part 2

6 Feb

hot five remixes part 2

Within the scope of our Hot Five compilation, that is now available on a double CD, we have decided to have a few of our UY-back stock-catalogue numbers remixed and to carve them into vinyl. The first part of remixes that have been released already were delivered by Steve Bug and Sebo K. This time Barem has tuned in Channel X and rides with “Rodeo” on A1 up and away. Following is Layo & Bushwacka! who convert the groove of Gunnar Stiller’s “Open You” on A2 to a fast lane. The tempo turns to be a bit more temperate on the B-side! Here, Andre Lodemann’s version of “Sense” teaches the original from Douglas Greed feat. Delhia de France a delight that one would more or less localize on the house-parquet. Where B1 stops, B2 to continues. Patrick Chardronnet dubs himself brilliantly through “Give A Little Slap To Your Soul”- making the dread-locks of author Ruede Hagelstein sprout in buzz. (Upon You Records SC, 2013) Beatport here.

Ruede Hagelstein // Shades

2 Apr

The slat blinds in Berlin’s Panorama Bar are part of the VJ’s equipment, and when the mood is right (usually around Sunday afternoon), he opens them up to allow slices of sunshine to penetrate the smoky club air. It doesn’t happen all too often, remaining something special amongst hours of darkness. But as Ruede played the first version of ‘Shades’ in his last P-Bar set, it seemed to happen just for him, as if he had written this track’s distinct break especially for this moment: everyone was mesmerized. Re.You & Rampa in the RMX for ‘Shades’ are also no strangers to such euphoria, and as Ruede recently lent them his voice, they return the favor by building a robust, custom-made bass mobile for the A2. Then, on the B-side, Ruede’s fellow band members from ‘The Noblettes’ make an appearance. As with ‘Shades’, the focal point is also the big break, only this one has nothing to do with techno – it’s more of an indie-house ballad with dance ambition. (Upon You Records SC, 2012) Out now on beatport!

Squaring The Circle

1 Aug

Upon You Records has finally reached the big „five-0“ that’s right; 50 ! regular releases old, and to celebrate we’re inviting you into our musical swinger club. While our Upon You artists usually work their way up to a musical orgasm on their own, this time they have doubled up for a nice old gangbang of massive proportions. Gunnar Stiller and Marcus Meinhardt are tag teaming on A1 with their little winner ‘Feinherb’ and are leaving out the foreplay and get straight down to it. Then we have N!co Stojan and The Cheapers who are finger banging the buttons and levers for ‘Railroad’ on A2. Flipping the side over we find our Dutch-Danish buddies ONNO and Mathias Mesteno and let the puppets dance to some sweet house beats with the track ‘Puppets’.. Finishing of this vinyl masterpiece are Marco Resmann and Ruede Hagelstein with ‘Monday’, once again proving how tender they can be if necessary, blowing out the last candles with a touch of Saxophone. (Upon Your Records SC, 2011)

Released by: Upon.You Records 
Release/catalogue number: UY050
Release date: Aug 22, 2011

ONNO ‘Hablando Loco’

4 Jul

Onno is a highly dosed dancing pill, Pop one and your rubber legs turn into those of Fred Astaire. His last release already proved that he knows how to make you „put yo hands up in da air“! Now, here’s his latest little treat „Hablando Loco EP“ Upon You Number 048.

The title track opens with some sweet vocals and then drills into your A1 memory banks with the Spanish Monolog from El Commandante. On B2 he’s quite content with the few words : „I like that beat“. But Onno likes the repetetive use of vocals like a fitness trainer trying to squeeze that last drop of sweat out of you. Gavin Herlihy, who some of you know from Cocoon, takes a subtler approach to the track with his remix that writhes in the scented oils that is House-deepness. Then, for those hard buggers out there that need another round on the treadmill there’s a nice Digital-Exclusive-Track “And Yet Again” that will help you burn some of that fat and give you a tasty little muscle ache to remember it by.

Released by: Upon You Records
Release/catalogue number: UY048
Release date: Jul 4, 2011

Marcus Gehring ‘On A Trip’

28 Jun

Our Sub-Label “Sweet & Sour Series” likes to introduce new artists that we have discovered when digging through our boxes of demos. So here we have Marcus Gehring with the catalog number UYS006. He fits in with Upon You like vodka shots at an after hour. His funky and trippy sound grooves until sunrise and that’s the way we like it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the title track „On A Trip“ on A1 or „In Between“ on the flipside with it’s bouncy bass line. For the digital dessert we are served with „I Can’t Give Up“, with which he shows us that his love and passion for the music will definitely produce more good things in the future. We can’t wait. (Upon You Records, 2011)

Released by: Upon You Records
Release/catalogue number: UYS006
Release date: Jun 20, 2011

Channel X – Orient Express

23 Feb

Some words about this release from Upon you Records:

Salome” is not only the A1 track of the new Upon You single from Channel X, it`s also the title of a famous oriental Foxtrott composed in 1920 by Robert Stolz. There`s not much Foxtrott left from Channel X in the year 2011, therefore the modern artists are squinting into the orient to get the inspiration for the occidental club-madness. Riding on the “Orient Express” they let the well of inspiration pass by the A2 window for this proper vinyl. During their journey, the colleagues Audiojack rub on “Salome” their patented dance-paste, which momentarily waxes almost every well known dancefloor. And finally because travelling makes contemplative, Channel X is musing about the sense of being on the Beatport exclusive digital-bonus.

Out now on beatport!